Terms Of Service

Welcome to (which henceforth shall be referred to as the “Site”).

The Site is operated by INSCRIBE DIGITAL Inc (which henceforth for all intents and purposes moving forward be referred to as the “Company,” “we,” “our,” or “us”).

Aside from the Terms of Service, which is described in detail below, the Privacy Policy (which henceforth for all intents and purposes moving forward be referred to as the “Privacy Policy), which can also be found here, also applies to your use of the Site and the Services we provide (as is listed in detail below). The Privacy Policy, which can be found in the Terms of Service by means of reference, is an important part of the Terms of Service. The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service as a collective for all intents and purposes moving forward be referred to as the “Agreement” — which by way of legal binding forms an agreement between you, the user, and us, as well as providing the rules which shall be used to govern our relationship moving forward.

For clarification, in the Agreement, the terms “you” or “user” or “your” or “player” shall be used to refer to any person that makes use of our Services or the Software as covered under our agreement.

It is essential for you to take out time to review the details of the Privacy Policy before embarking on the use of the Site or the Services.

When you decide to use or access the Site, you are by default agreeing to what has been detailed as the terms and conditions, as provided in the Agreement, as well as consenting as a clear-thinking individual under no external pressure to be bound by them.

1. Acceptance and Amendment of the Agreement

  • If due to a change in mind or external factors at any instance in time you find yourself disagreeing with the terms and conditions as they have been detailed in the Agreement,  in order to avoid a breach of the Agreement, it is suggested that you immediately cease the continued use of our Site and Services we provide.
  • Due to internal and external factors, cases may arise where we are expected to make adjustments to the Agreement; however, any such adjustments will only come into effect 14 days after being published on the Site. These adjustments, however, may come into place earlier than the usual 14 days period if the event arises that the adjustment is meant to comply with a regulation. Moving forward, for simplicity and generality, it is assumed you are in agreement that your frequent or occasional use of our Site and/or the Services we provide to you, the User after the implementation period has elapsed will be seen as an acknowledgment and total acceptance without any dispute of the adjustments made to the Agreement.
  • As much as we will remain committed to informing you of amendments made to the Agreement, you are still responsible for being aware of the amendments made. You are advised to check the terms and conditions of the Agreement on a regular basis in order to remain up-to-date on the changes we make to the Agreement.
  • As the Company, It is within our complete and utter discretion to suspend or even terminate, at any point in time, your access and continued use of our Services and/or the Site at any point in time without providing any financial compensation. Our reasons for taking such action might include reasons such as the breach of any term or condition of the Agreement by you.

2. Use of our Site and Services Provided

  • To be eligible to use our Site as well as the Services we provide, you must be at least 18 years old. However, the Legal Age in your jurisdiction takes precedence over this, so make sure to consult appropriate authorities for confirmation of the Legal Age where you live.
  • The Site and the Services we provide are not aimed to appeal to or attract individuals who are below the Legal Age.
  • If the users are below the Legal Age, you are to stop with immediate effect the continued and illegal use of our Site as well as the Services we provide.

3. The Services

  • While the Site can be considered to have many purposes, one of the primary reasons behind the creation of the Site is to provide value in the form of information on casino games and the gambling industry at large.
  • All information provided on the Site is for free and is aimed at educating users only.
  • The Company does not operate any physical or online casino website. As a way to support this mentality, the Company refuses, until otherwise specified, the acceptance of any bets or wagers.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

  • The Company, its associated affiliates, as well as its licensors, have sole ownership of all software or software concepts, data, music or audio, text or written materials, artwork or images or photographs or pictures or graphics, animations or videos, as well as the variety of different forms of content that as a result of different visitors, Users, and the Company, can be accessed on the Site and shall henceforth be referred collectively as the “Site Content.”
  • You, the User, agree to not alter or make adjustments in any way (including the deletion) of the different copyright notices and/or proprietary notices placed on our Site or any one of the different Site Content provided by visitors, users, and the Company.
  • You, as a registered user of the Site, agree that any of the brand names and trademarks (collectively referred to as “Trade Marks”) used on the Site solely belong to the Company, its associated affiliates, as well as its licensors, and as such, these bodies maintain sole discretion in how these Trade Marks are used.
  • The Site Content and Trade Marks are well protected within the copyright as well as other IP (Intellectual Property) rights. Henceforth, you, the User, agree that by your use of our Site and the Services consent to the fact you have no rights whatsoever on any of the Trade Marks and Site Content used, and you are only allowed to use them when in compliance with each and every aspect of the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

5. User Content

  • You, the User, are permitted by us, the Company, to play an active role in activities related to but within reason not limited to the transmission, uploading, emailing, posting available data as User Content on the site. User Content might include data and/or information similar to images, text, music, audio, or sounds in general on the Site using facilities such as but not limited to the online discussion forums and chat facilities.
  • As the User, you are responsible for any such User Content you decide to provide on the Site. The Company and its associated affiliates shall at no point in time be held responsible for any such recognized User Content and will bear no liability. By using the Site and Services, you agree to waive any and all claims against the Company and its associated affiliates as related to User Content.
  • You, the User, comply with the fact that the User Content you provide on the Site can be used by the Company and its associated affiliates in any manner which might include, but due to business requirements, shall not be limited to the use, copy, distribute, translate, edit, display, reproduce, modify, add to or even substrate from, create works that can be considered to be derivatives or at least based off the User Content for a different purpose which might include but are not limited to promotional or advertising purposes. You, as a recognized user of the Site, agree that you will not be provided any financial compensation whatsoever for the use, in any way within reason of legal practices, of the User Content. By agreeing to this, you are granting the Company an irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, and worldwide license, and you are also waiving any moral and/or legal rights to your content on the Site which was voluntarily transmitted as the User.
  • You agree that the Company and its associated affiliates are in no way responsible for the monitoring or review of User Content provided on the Site.
  • You agree that the User Content provided on the Site can be altered in any way, which might include the editing or removal by the Company. By agreeing to this, you, the User, waive any rights whatsoever to the User Content generated.
  • When you publish or submit any User Content you decide is suitable to be on our Site, you consent to the fact that such User Content, which might include information that can be considered personally identifiable, in whatever format it is in, can be used by the Company, any and all visitors to the Site, its associated affiliates, and other third parties, which might include the sending of unsolicited messages. You are responsible for any personally identifiable information you provide as User Content, and you agree we, the Company, will not be held liable.
  • During your engagement with our Site, for your purposes, and interacting with other visitors or the Company, you affirm without any reserved dispute to be polite and shall refrain from engaging in activities that are considered insulting, racist, sexist, defamatory, hateful, aggressive, vulgar, harassing, or otherwise deemed inappropriate by other Users and the Company.
  • By using the Site and the Services you agree to not engage in or assist in the upload, transmission, posting, or in any way making available User Content or any content for that (i) encourages any activity that is harmful, unlawful, abusive, threatening, pornographic, vulgar, racist, sexist, insulting, defamatory, invasive of others privacy, hateful or otherwise objectionable; (ii) you, the User, do not possess the required rights to make accessible as described under any legal law relationships, that can be viewed as fiduciary in nature or even contractual, you might have entered knowing or unknowingly; (iii) infringes upon any proprietary rights of the Company or any entity, or body or third party which might include but is by no means limited to IP (Intellectual Property) rights, privacy rights of any individual or body or entity caused by your failure to obtain proper consent to post such content that can be considered by law through legal means to be private or information can be viewed as personally identifiable about an individual, body or entity; (iv) you were provided compensation and/or granted consideration of any  form by any third party; (v) contains in any way data or information that is hidden or restricted; (vi) goes against any law that applies to your jurisdiction or that is applicable in any way; (vii) when investigated can be viewed as false, defamatory and malicious to the Site, the Company, and its associated affiliates in any way; (viii) by design or by accident interferes with the Site ability to function in any way; (ix) contains a virus which goes on to infect the Site, files and/or programs, data with the aim to delete, interrupt, or limit the ability of the Site to perform to its full capacity whether to obtain a ransom or not; and (x) in any way can be seen as promotional or as a way to advertise the services or content of any third party site or entity that is considered a competitor of the Site, the Company, and its associated affiliates.
  • You, the User, shall at no point make any false declaration on the source of any User Content you provide or that is available on the Site.

6. Prohibited Activities

By deciding to visit the Site and/or use our provided Services, you, the visitor and/or verified user, agree not to as well as not to permit others:

  • access, collect, or use any information of other users or visitors to the site that might be considered personally identifiable for any reason at all;
  • use the Site and/or our Services as they have been provided for any activity that might be deemed unlawful based on local jurisdictions and all other applicable laws as they may apply;
  • at any point in time attempt to copy, illegally redistribute or publish, breakdown or reverse engineer any of our various patented products or services in an attempt that when considered by cybersecurity experts or anyone with sufficient experience to make the judgment call, to be seen as an attempt to access the source code so as to illegally create derivative work;
  • mine data or information on the Site whether through the use of automated software similar to web crawlers, AI robots, spiders, or web scrapers;
  • Illegally reveal any data on the Site or on the Services provided to competing and non-competing third parties or entities without obtaining permission from us, the Company;
  • upload any code or file similar to a virus, logic bombs, droppers, serial number references of computer hardware, or any related code of malicious intent to the Site or the Services that are designed to negatively affect visitors as well as users of the Site and the Services;
  • in any way whatsoever modify, copy, edit, display, publish, redistribute any and all User Content from the Site, Trade Marks and/or Site Content;
  • share or make available any software that belongs to the Company to third parties or bodies that might be seen as competitive or not;
  • engage in any activity whatsoever that might result in damage to the Site, the Company, and its associated affiliates’ reputation.

7. Your Undertakings and Representations

By agreeing to visit and/or use the Site and the Services you confirm:

  • that you are of the Legal Age according to the laws in your jurisdiction;
  • your use, as a registered user or visitor, of our Site and each and every one of its associated Services will be for personal purposes online and will not deviate into anything commercial;
  • through your personal research that you visit and/or use of our Site and every one of our Services provided does not in any way break any law or regulation in the jurisdiction that reside or that applies to you. Thus you, the visitor or unverified/verified user, confirm without any dispute that you will not be using our Site and the provided Services in any way that might be deemed an unlawful activity;
  • your use of the Site and the Services shall be, without any deviation, in accordance with each and every part of the various terms and conditions specified in the Agreement. It should be noted, by you, the visitor or unverified/verified user, that any aspect of the terms and conditions might be updated occasionally by us, the Company, in order to comply with regulations or in order to serve you better;
  • your use, as either a visitor or an unverified/verified user, of our Site and the Services provided shall in no way be against any of the established copyright, trademarks, import, and/or export laws that apply to you in whatever jurisdiction it is determined that you reside;
  • you are not and will not impersonate any individual, entity, or body aside from yourself;
  • you, the user, will be waiving any and all rights you may have to a class action lawsuit or even a  trial by jury in jurisdictions where such waiver is accepted against the Company. You, the User, also agree to submit and make yourself present to any and all arbitral proceedings in the event that there is an unfortunate dispute as stated and contained in this Terms of Service.

If in the event your use, as either a visitor or an unverified/unverified user, of our Site and/or Services is in a capacity as a representative of an entity, body, or organization (henceforth shall be collectively referred to as a “Subscribing Organization”), then you affirm that you (i) as the representative of the Subscribing Organization, you have sufficient authorization, as well as the legal backing required to bind the Subscribing Organization to each and every part of the current as well as possible future versions of the terms and conditions of the Agreement; (ii), have taken sufficient time to read each and every part of the current as well as possible future versions of each statement that make up the terms and conditions of the Agreement; (iii) understand the details of the intrinsic parts of the Agreement and have no dispute with it, and (iv) as the representative of the Subscribing Organization you consent to the each and every term of the Agreement.

8. Third-Party Content

  • The Site contains hyperlinks that might take you to third-party sites that contain content (henceforth referred to as “Third Party Content”) that has been provided for your convenience and reference. You, as the User, are solely responsible for determining whether or not such Third Party Content is of use to you, and you are responsible for the extent you choose to use such content. The Company, by providing the links to any of the content that by origin, verification, and continued operation belongs to Third Party Content, as a result of legal requirements has not, does not, and will not in any way endorse the content you may find as a result of you, the User, or anyone with access to your account, following any of the hyperlinks.
  • We, the Company, are not to be held responsible for any content area and will not be providing any warranties, endorsements with respect to any Third Party Content you may find by following the hyperlinks on the Site. The Company is not held responsible for any information from Third Party Content that is proven to be false or any products or service provided that is deemed to be below quality.

9. Gaming Services

  • The Site, the Site Content, as well as its Services, have been provided for the sole purpose of your personal consumption, entertainment, and for educational reasons only.
  • The Site, as a result of contractual obligations or other purposes, may now or in the possible future, contain links to Third Party Content as a means for advertising or promotional purposes. These Third Party Content may or may not be related to online gambling and related services (henceforth shall collectively be referred to as “the Gambling Services”).
  • The Gambling Services provided on the Site are made available with the sole intention of being viewed and used by individuals who meet the Legal Age requirement and, that say, in Jurisdictions where gambling is considered legal.
  • While the Site and its Services and Site Content may be accessible to you depending on your location, they might still be considered illegal based on your local laws. Do not take your access to the Site as legal approval to use its Services. It remains now, and for the foreseeable future in which this Company remains present and the Agreement remains valid, your sole responsibility to check with legal bodies to confirm whether or not it is lawful to at any point in time have and maintain access to our Site and the Service we provide.
  • You, the User, affirm with a warranty that by your use and access of the Site and its online Gaming Services:
    • you are not breaking any local or international laws that apply to Gaming Services in the jurisdiction you reside in;
    • you meet the minimum Legal Age requirement of the jurisdiction you reside in when it applies to the use of Gaming Services;
    • you have taken time out to properly consult legal authorities and have analyzed the laws that are applicable to the laws of where you reside or jurisdiction as well as without any manipulation found there to be no violation from your occasional or periodic or frequent use of our Site and its provided Gaming Services;
    • that at any point, your occasional or periodic or frequent usage of our Site and each of its provided Gaming Services might result in the unfortunate and, by some standards, regrettable loss of money placed as a wager while engaging in gambling with the Gaming Services;
    • you consent to any requirement stated in the various statements that as a whole make up the terms and conditions of our agreement between you, the User, and we, the Company, in the Agreement, and you, the User, accept, without any reservations that such requirement is subject to being updated occasionally, time to time, as deemed fit by the Company, or in order to abide by regulations;
    • you are conscious of the fact you can lose money while gambling and the resulting loss will be your responsibility;
    • any loss you sustain as a result of gambling is entirely your responsibility, and the Company shall not be required to provide any compensation whatsoever. You also have no right to claims against the Company, its associated affiliates, employees, and/or staff.
  • The Site is not to be held responsible for the provision of information as regards the legality of its use by you in your jurisdiction, and as such, you are required to investigate by consulting legal bodies in your local area.
  • While it is accepted that the Site by its Services provides information pertaining to gambling, we the Company by no means encourage users to engage in gambling as it is the User’s personal choice.

10. Disclaimer


11. Limitation of Liability

  • We, our affiliates, and their licensors, whether directly or not, with respect to you or any third party regarding any loss or damage caused or related to your use or access to the Site or Services by you or any third party, will not be held responsible for it. This includes loss of business, loss of profits (including expected loss of prizes or failure to receive), interruption of business, or other loss or damage (even if notified of potential). However, it is not limited to these or any such loss or damage.
  • The Company, its associated affiliates, and their licensors are not now, or in the foreseeable future as long as the Agreement remains valid, responsible for any loss or damage whether deliberate or unfortunate on the part of the User or anyone with access to the User’s account, arising from or in any way connected with your, or anyone with access to your account, use of any link contained on the Site, nor are they responsible or to be held responsible, by any legal claims or any means at all, for the content contained on any third-party Internet site linked to from the Site, whether in contract, tort or otherwise.
  • You, the User, agree, without any reservations, that the Company as a result of your acceptance of the Agreement will not at any point in time be responsible to you or any individual, friend, partner, relative, or other person or body or entity if the Site or its Services are modified, suspended, or discontinued at any point by the Company in order to comply with regulations or because of corporate transactions, in the future.

12. Indemnity

  • When you decide to visit and/or use the Site, its Services, you, the User knowingly agree to Indemnify and thereby defend the Company and its associated staff from any honest or frivolous claims, liabilities, proceedings, damages, losses, liabilities, fines, financial costs, and expenses whether financial or not financial in nature, or of any kind, including, but of course, not limited to legal fees, which might be as a result of or incurred as a result of (i) any infringement or breach of the Agreement; (ii) your use and/or access of the Site and its Services (or by any individual with access to your account’s credentials; (iii) your knowing or unknowing violation of any law applicable to you; (iv) your recklessness or ignorance; (v) your deliberate attempt to act is a disorderly way (shall henceforth be referred to as the “Claims”)
  • You, the User, agree: (i) to immediately inform the Company of any potential Claim you have or intend to file; (ii) not to take action relating to the settlement of any Claim without informing us, the Company, prior to such action; (iii) that every individual, body or entity that can be considered an Indemnified Party shall assume the defense of the Claim or Claims and you shall provide assistance within all reasonable requests regarding information as it pertains to the defense of the Claim.
  • You, the User, shall, for now, and the foreseeable future, have the right to hire or acquire legal counsel separately and as such play an active role in the defense.
  • If for any reason whatsoever the Indemnified Parties do not inform you of their willingness to lay a defense to the Claim or Claims, then you, the User, shall, for now, and the foreseeable future, have the right to acquire for yourself a legal counsel to assist in defense of the Claim, or the different Claims received, with said legal counsel is one that is within reason acceptable to the Indemnified Parties, of course with this reliant on the Indemnified Parties (where applicable) right to decide to assume, of course at their, total and without reservation, sole cost, the mitigation or vindication or support against any Claim or Claims at any period of time before the unavoidable and required settlement or any final determination.

13. Notification of Copyright Infringement

We, the Company, take it as part of our responsibility to respect the rights of others, one such right being the IP rights (intellectual property rights). As a visitor or user of our respectable website and/or the different quality and reliable services we provide, we require you to do the same. If due to unforeseen circumstances or external factors, at any point in time you notice that the User Content is provided, uploaded, or accessed on the Site violates any intellectual property laws, you are advised to immediately seek the attention of the Copyright Agent of the Company and provide the following information:

  • Your name and (where applicable) the name of the Subscribing Organization you represent;
  • Your contact information should include your physical address, your email address, and your telephone number;
  • Enough information to allow us to identify the material or materials that have infringed on any copyright laws as well as a URL link to the allegedly copyright-infringing content;
  • A signature, which can be either physical or electronic, of the owner or a person assigned to represent the owner with exclusive rights that were in this case, allegedly infringed upon;
  • A statement which describes, in detail, to avoid confusion and quick response, that the person, which is you, believes that the way, beyond any doubt or at least within reason, in which the material has been used has whether deliberately or unknowingly infringed on the rights, as they have been provisioned by law, of the copyright owner in the absence of or without their express authorization;
  • A statement that, in clear and obvious detail, says, without any confusion, that the previous statement is accurate and that in the, however unfortunate but well within the realms of possibility, event of there being perjury, you, the complaining party have full authority, as validated by a contract or by law, to act on behalf, with all honesty and commitment, of the owner of the exclusive rights that were infringed upon.

If you require the assistance of our Copyright Agent, you can access their contact information from our site – here.

14. Termination of the Agreement

At any point in time, we, the Company, without any prior warning whatsoever, can decide to terminate the Agreement as well as your access to the Site and its Service without paying any financial compensation to you:

  • If we decide to discontinue the provision, at times with immediate effect, of our Site and the provided Services to you and in general;
  • If due to internal or external factors, at any point in time, we believe you have failed to honor the various aspects and statements that as a whole make up the terms and conditions to their fullest;
  • If your occasionally or periodic or frequent use of our Site, its provided Services, which you may find useful or not, as well as your interaction with other visitors, and even unverified/verified users have been proven to have breached any one single or multiple parts of the Agreement; or
  • If there are any legal and/or moral grounds to do so.

15. Governing Law and Arbitration

  • By visiting our Site and using its Services, you, the visitor or unverified/verified user, agree that the Agreement and by extension your occasionally or periodic or frequent use of our Site shall be exclusively governed by the laws of England & Wales, without any conflict with local laws coming into regard;
  • If for whatever reason there is or are events that bring about conflict such as but not, within reason, of course, limited to the Agreement, your occasionally or periodic or frequent use of our Site and/or the provided Services (henceforth shall collectively be referred to as “Dispute”), the concerned parties are required to engage in negotiations, with respect and in a cordial fashion, with each other with the goal of reaching a reasonable understanding that can be used to form a mutual agreement. However, if a mutual agreement is not possible within a period, that as of now can be considered to be valid and fair, of thirty (30) days from the beginning of any such negotiation that was arranged, then upon the request of any of the concerned party or parties, any Dispute that has not been resolved, which might include but is by no means limited to the undeniable existence, or undisputable validity, or unavoidable termination to the Agreement shall, for all intents and purposes, be referred to and resolved by, of course, binding arbitration, as a result of legislation, under the London Court of International Arbitration (“LCIA”) Rules (“Arbitration”), which rules are deemed, and should be considered, to have been incorporated by reference, without any room into for confusion, into this clause. Moving forward, for clarity, It is agreed that:
    • That the number of arbitrators will be one;
    • The location of the seat or legal place shall be London, United Kingdom. The language to be used throughout the entire arbitral proceeding shall be in United Kingdom English only;
    • For the purposes of the Rules, the appointing authority shall be the London Court of International Arbitration;
    • The governing law of this arbitration agreement shall be the substantive law of England and Wales.

16. Confidentiality

By your visit to the Site and the use of its Services, you agree that unless otherwise directed by us, you are to keep strictly confidential during and beyond the term of the Agreement, any information as regards to Disputes except as required by the LCIA during arbitration in connection to resolving said Disputes. You also agree that any and all information, or you can describe as data in either its raw or refined form, pertaining, as it relates within reason, to the results of the Arbitration (which henceforth shall for intents and purposes moving forward, be referred to as the “Confidential Information”) shall not be disclosed, whether intentionally or by accident, to any third party individual or entity, or organization. You agree not to exploit the Confidential Information for any personal purposes and agree that all Confidential Information shall be used as it relates to the resolution of the Dispute.

Without disregarding the foregoing, you might be required as specified by the legal legislation that governs you, to disclose some or the entirety of the Confidential Information. In the event you are required by law to do so, you, the User, are required to, whether physically or electronically,  promptly inform us, consult with us, and to your full and honest capacity, cooperate with us in any and all legal attempt to resist sharing such information or obtain a court order that would ensure that such Confidential Information will be used in a confidential manner.

17. Entire Agreement

The Agreement contains the agreement between us, the Company, and you, the User in its entirety as it pertains to your occasional or periodic or frequent use of our Site, every one of the provided Services, and your, whether in private or in public, interactions with the Company and other, one-time or frequent, visitors and users. You affirm that your consent to, without any reservations, the different statements and regulations laid out in the terms and conditions that make up the entirety of the Agreement does not in any way rely on any warranty or representation except as in cases where you, the user or visitor, have been made a representation by us, the Company, in the Agreement.

18. Severability

While it entirely depends on the extent of the law, any and all provisions of the Agreement are severable, and no provision shall be affected by the invalidity of any other provision.

19. Irreparable Harm

You confirm and are aware that your breach of any part of the Agreement between you and the Company might lead to irreparable harm to us, the Company. You hereby acknowledge, concede, and, without any reservations, admit, that damages would not be an adequate remedy, by our standards, for any breach by you of the already laid out as well as future revisions to the provisions of the Agreement between, you, the User, and us, the Company and that we shall be obliged to remedies of injunction, specific performance, as well as other impartial, even-handed, and honest relief for any actual or threatened contravention of the provisions of this Agreement, despite anything to the contrary, or in opposition, or can be seen as a deviation in this Agreement, and that no proof of special damages is required.

20. Surviving Provisions

Any provision included in the Agreement which either by their nature or have been clearly expressed to survive termination or expiration in order to fulfill their purpose will be allowed to survive until their purpose is achieved. Without losing generality, sections 4, 6, 7, 10, to 22 shall, without any dispute until a future revision that says the contrary, survive termination of the Agreement.

21. Waiver

No waiver provided by us to you shall, within reason and legal requirements, be used as a waiver to cover any and all preceding and succeeding, however unfortunate or intentional breaches of the statements that make up the terms and conditions of the agreement between you, the User, and us, the Company, the Agreement.

22. Third Parties

Unless where it has been clearly expressed, no part, whether small or large, of this Agreement that governs the relationship between you, the User, and us, the Company, can be construed to provide any right or benefits whatsoever to any third party or entity, or individual. No part, whether small or large, of this Agreement, that governs the relationship between you, the User, and us, shall be manipulated in order to be seen as proof of the establishment of a joint enterprise, partnership, and/or trust arrangement between us, the Company, and you, the User.

23. Assignment

We, the Company, reserve the full rights to at any point now, or in the foreseeable future transfer, assign or even sublicense the Agreement as a whole or in parts without at any point consulting you for your consent: (i) to a body, organization, or entity which can be considered by law to be within or at least own a part the same corporate group as the Company, or (ii) in the event of sales of assets, or in the event of a merger, or other related corporate transactions in which, we, the Company is involved. You are not permitted without express permission from the Company to transfer or sublicense your rights or obligations under the Agreement.

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